Professional lifting plans

A professionally designed lifting plan is key for successful lifting. Even the most demanding lifts can be carried out completely safely with proper planning.

A comprehensive lifting plan will include every important factor. For example, the method, procedure, accessories and occupational safety are included in the plan.

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What are special solutions for?

We provide special solutions for lifts of particularly heavy or inconveniently shaped objects that require extra attention to detail. Our experienced professionals produce innovative plans for all kinds of lifts.

Some cases that might require special solutions:

  • Inconveniently shaped objects
  • Challenging lifting conditions
  • Exceptionally large or heavy objects
  • Lifts with two or more cranes

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Detailed lifting plans

The lifting highlights the relevant aspects of lifting, such as the weights and centre of gravity, lifting accessories used, attachment points and crane chassis information. Besides, the plan includes lifting routes, structures, qualifications of the staff involved, procedure and the management and supervision of lifting. The plans are always designed together with the customer to take into account all the circumstances.

A safe lift requires a professional lifting plan. Contact us for more information!