Tailor-made lifting clamps for safe attaching

PowerTen Oy's wide range of products includes lifting clamps for all purposes. We design, manufacture and deliver clamps all across Finland

Customised clamps and fasteners are often used in lifting. They make the lifting possible when there are no actual attachment points in the object.

A scissor grab is one form type of a lifting clamp, which uses the object's own weight to attach to it. An object can be lifted mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically or electrically.

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Versatile lifting clamps for all purposes

We produce tailor-made lifting clamps based on your needs. We design the solutions in cooperation with you to create the best possible product. By working together with you, we can take into account all the variables such as the intended use and other circumstances.

Our selection includes:

  • Scissor grabs
  • Lifting clamps with external power generation
  • Mechanical lifting clamps
  • Special lifting clamps

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Safe lifting devices

Safety is a top priority for us in designing and manufacturing lifting clamps. Other key factors in our production are ergonomics and conventionality.

Our lifting clamps come with a CE mark, so the products are always in line with EU standards. The clamp is also accompanied by service and maintenance instructions as well as certifications.

When required, we provide additional information and training on how to use our products.

We also produce many other lifting accessories such as jib cranes and lifting booms.

Lifting clamps produced by PowerTenOy ensure safe lifting. Let us know about your needs and ask for an offer!