High-quality and durable lifting booms

PowerTen Oy designs and produces lifting booms of all sizes for companies across Finland. Lifting booms are required when the load has multiple attachment points or the weight must be evenly distributed. We produce custom-made lifting beams and lifting booms for all purposes.

The number, adjustability and locations of attachment points in the lifting boom can be adjusted. Trust our team's solid expertise and place an order.

Versatile lifting boom models

Depending purpose of use, we manufacture different lifting boom and lifting beam models. The details are designed on a case-by-case basis.

Our selection includes:

  • Special lifting booms
  • Lifting booms with fixed attachment points
  • Lattice-booms
  • Bulk bag FIBC lifters
  • Adjustable lifting booms
  • Telescopic lifting boom.

Can't find the boom you are looking for on the list? Feel free to contact our team. We serve flexibly and provide tailor-made solutions.

Lifting beams from various materials

The lifting capacity of our lifting beams varies from 10 kilos up to over 100 tons. To make handling as easy as possible, aluminium or high-strength structural steel (e.g. Weldox 700) can also be used in lifting booms.

The safety and reliability of our products are our top priorities. Our lifting booms are always All of our lifting booms come with a CE mark. The booms are also accompanied by the operating and maintenance instructions as well as the required certifications. If necessary, we will guide you through the commissioning process. We can also provide training in product use.

Photo gallery - Lifting booms

Ask more about our lifting accessories

In addition to lifting beams, our comprehensive range of lifting accessories includes many other products, from clamps to jig cranes. We help you design the best lifting solutions and accessories for your needs. If you want to improve on lifting efficiency and safety, get in touch with our team.

Order tailor-made lifting booms for every space and requirement – we deliver across Finland!